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XY HPLSPL Precision motion platform

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1. stroke (travel):100-600mm
2 positioning accuracy is as high as (linear error correction): + 1um (stroke = 200mm)
3. stable and excellent shafting provides excellent smooth motion, and minimal dynamic following error can be obtained by algorithm optimization
4. excellent point-to-point position accuracy and sub micron repeatability
5. standard modular design, flexible construction methods,
6. processing customized: Yes
T E  L: 400-850-9518
    The XY Table or XY_Z Table developed by TM motor is composed of standard single axle precision direct drive platform. Simultaneous synchronization or individual control of two parallel linear motors at the same time. The standard platform for the combination of applications, so according to the actual needs of travel, load, positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy of two-way repeated selection, optional range, flexible combination, low cost, direct drive is a practical platform for product modularization